Case Studies
Case Study #1
  • IPC discharges high-risk, diabetic patient from skilled nursing facility to home.
  • Patient is unable to secure transportation to Primary Care Physician’s office and is home-bound.
  • Care Solutions Group (CSG), through its provider group and working with the discharging physician at the skilled nursing facility and the patient’s Primary Care Physician, arranges for a visiting physician, skilled care and medical equipment in the home.
  • Since services were initiated through CSG in September 2011, the patient has not been hospitalized.
Case Study #2
  • Patient is being followed by CSG’s private home care services in the home. ¬†When hospitalization was required, CSG coordinated the transition through IPC at Providence Park Novi.
  • Upon discharge from Providence Park, IPC transitioned the patient to a SNF for rehabilitation services with the patient being followed by an IPC physician in the SNF.
  • CSG’s Social Worker completed a pre-discharge evaluation at the SNF.
  • Upon the patient’s return home, CSG’s Social Worker had arranged for services for a visiting physician, nurse, therapist, private care, podiatry and pharmacy.
  • Through a tightly coordinated model of care, this high-risk patient has not been readmitted since her last hospitalization on June 20, 2012.
Case Study #3
  • Patient resides at home and requires around-the-clock assistance with her medical needs.
  • Patient’s family requests an evaluation by a CSG Social Worker to determine available options.
  • Based on the evaluation, CSG Social Worker discusses alternative placement options while reviewing available medical services in the community.
  • Patient’s family selects a relocation for the patient to a senior retirement community with an on-site medical management program and the patient accesses the following on-site services through CSG – visiting physician, hospice, private home care and podiatry.
  • Furthermore, to assist with financing the care needs of the patient, CSG’s Social Worker secures partial funding through the Area Agency on Aging.