Case Studies
Case Study #1 – Transitional Care Management
  • Skilled nursing facility discharges high-risk, diabetic patient to home.
  • Patient is unable to secure transportation to Primary Care Physician’s office and is home-bound.
  • Care Solutions Group (CSG), through its provider group and working with the discharging physician at the skilled nursing facility and the patient’s Primary Care Physician, arranges for a visiting physician, skilled care and medical equipment in the home.
  • The physician visit is completed within 24 hours of discharge to home.
Case Study #2 – Chronic Care Management
  • Patient resides at home and requires frequent contact with a Registered Nurse Care Manager due to the patient’s high-risk and multiple comorbidities.
  • Patient is enrolled in the Chronic Care Management Program and utilizes Remote Patient Monitoring technologies that includes monitoring of blood pressure and blood sugar.
  • As a result of the patient’s high-risk status, RN Care Manager contacts the patient weekly to review blood pressure and blood sugar results, coordinate skilled care, ensure medication compliance and schedule appointments with the PCP as required.