Care Solutions Group’s 24×7 Advice Line is integral to the management of our patient population in the community.  Our support staff provides one-on-one guidance to our clients while rapidly deploying and encouraging the utilization of the appropriate health resources.
Our team educates clients on their health, treatment options and available resources and provides the following:
  • Basic health information
  • Self-care instructions when applicable
  • Guidance on whether to see a doctor
  • Referral to the appropriate health care service(s)
  • Transition to Emergency Room when applicable
Our 24×7 Advice Line instructs clients on self-care or directs clients to the most appropriate health care service as quickly as possible circumventing a visit to the Emergency Room.  For clients that require a visit to the Emergency Room, Care Solutions Group will coordinate and transition the client from home to hospital.  When a hospital admission is required, Care Solutions Group will transition the client to our hospital-based physician group.
Throughout this process, our staff monitors and tracks the well-being and whereabouts of our clients and ensures the continuity of care that is expected.  Our objective is to return the client home as quickly as possible with the appropriate services through our Credentialed Provider Network.