Leadership Team
With over twenty years of health care experience, Tiffiny has successfully developed a patient-centered model of care to better meet the needs of the aging and disabled adults and their families.
After gaining valuable experience in the corporate world of health care, Tiffiny started a private geriatric care and case management company specializing in the provision of care and services for seniors that allowed them to age in place.  To expand its service offerings, Tiffiny founded a private home care company in 1996 followed by the development and start-up of a home visiting physician practice in 1998.
More recently, Tiffiny has been instrumental in the development of Care Solutions Group designed to expand on the already existing services by providing a comprehensive medical management program within retirement communities, assisted living facilities and private homes.  To complete this model, Tiffiny recruited a wide range of health care professionals that delivers a virtual medical office for over 15,000 patients across Southeastern Michigan.
Throughout her career, Tiffiny has established long-term relationships with various aging networks, physicians and owners/operators of nursing homes, assisted living facilities and retirement communities. More recently, she has expanded her work to include hospitals and payers.  Her enduring commitment to this model has resulted in reducing hospital lengths of stay and unnecessary readmissions while reducing long-term placements in more institutionalized settings.
Tiffiny received the prestigious Crain’s 40 under 40 Business Leaders in Michigan award.  She was also an active member of the Oakland County Area Agency on Aging Senior Advisory Council and assisted in leading the efforts related to the agency’s participation for Care Transitions and Dual Eligible programs. More recently, she was appointed to Governor Rick Snyder’s Long-Term Care Council beginning in 2012.


As a graduate of the University of Michigan Masters of Business Administration program, Ali joined Ford Motor Company in 1986 and gained extensive experience working in the finance, strategic planning and operating functions.  In 1998, Ali became a Managing Partner in the start-up of a private home care company and a home visiting physician practice.
More recently, Ali has been instrumental in the development of Care Solutions Group.  This unique model of care is targeted at enhancing care for patients while achieving cost savings for payers by reducing hospital lengths of stay and preventing avoidable readmissions.
Ali has been actively involved in the selection and recruitment of multiple health care professionals and organizations who have joined Care Solutions Group’s “credentialed provider network.”  Collectively, the network enhances customer satisfaction by emphasizing the uniqueness of each patient’s needs while eliminating the widespread fragmentation and confusion confronted by many clients and their families.
Ali has also been the driving force in the expansion of services that now includes hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation centers and payers.  He has continuously emphasized the need for effective collaboration between health care providers to reduce costs to payers and provide better outcomes for patients and their families.